Tuesday, 12:19 am

One guy is totally naked except for a covered wang. He has donuts, but does not seem to be affiliated.

Not happening here, says one member (person, not penis). SciLi guard threatened them with arrest on top floor, asking for names and threatening to review video.

— Seth Motel, freelance reporter

For more on the naked donut run — which after gracing the Rock and CIT in full-naked glory was brought to a screeching halt in the SciLi — check blogdailyherald.com.

Monday, 11:12 pm

Careful where you put that powdered sugar.

Monday, 11:01 pm

The Rock lobby awaits naked donut runners. Tonight is the night.

Sunday, 21:36

There are so many people in the SciLi right now. Brown_EZ is SO overloaded that I am forced to view Gmail in "Basic HTML view." Unexpected boon for my productivity, or extremely frustrating reminder of what $50k/year doesn't buy me?

Saturday, 3:24 pm

Welcome to Cafe Frisc. Currently covering the computer table in the 25 decibels (mind you, there is no food or drink allowed near any University computers): six coffee cups, two Ratty take-out boxes, three paper bags from Starbucks, a container of Chinese food take-out, a box from the Creperie, a smoothie in an unmarked plastic cup and countless water bottles. Combined with the excessive number of people and computer wires present, this is a catastrophe just waiting to happen. Just keep your french presses off the table, plz.

Friday, 10:41 am

Well, that's awkward.

Thursday, 9:18 pm

100 pizzas, come and gone. The restless have been silenced.

Thursday, 9:08 pm

Where. Is. The. Pizza.

The natives grow restless.

Thursday, 8:57 pm

Feeding time. It's the final countdown.

Thursday, 8:54 pm

New tables emerge from plastic wrap. Bring out the reinforcements, boys. It's go time.

Thursday, 8:30 pm

Overheard at the circulation desk: "Have you ever *been* to pizza night before? Brace yourself. People are going to go nuts."

Thursday, 8:18 pm

Within 5 minutes of their set up, the pizza tables have already been overtaken by eager studiers. The promise of free food may be nice, but there's nothing quite so delicious as an unclaimed table in the basement.

Thursday, 1:19 pm

UPDATE: The Naked Donut Run has not yet occurred. So much for predictions surrounding last night.

Our money is now on tonight. And no, we're not going to redo this every day. Tonight is definitely the night.

Wednesday, 5:10 pm

Health Services did suggest we remember to eat during finals...
Get ready for sheer mayhem.

Wednesday, 4:21 pm

Scenes from the Science Center:

The central study space is filled with 25 students, very quietly working. In walks a poor student attendant. "Uhh, guys, attention, uhh — I'm really sorry but there's about to be a review session in here."

"You can't forcibly remove me!" yells one student.

Another student drags a table into the hallway.

No one moves.

Wednesday, 3:27 pm

Oh dear lord, mayhem has set in. If you were unsure when the first day of finals was, one look at the basement would confirm all suspicions. D-Day is tomorrow, and the frenetic quality of the Frisc is really showing through. It's a jungle. It's every-man-for-himself, kill-your-friend-for-a-chair, steal-someone-else's-outlet, blast-your-music-till-you-don't-notice-there's-someone-almost-on-top-of-you. Who are we kidding? We secretly love it. Except for those of us trying to preserve sanity — and trying to turn in a paper within the next two hours. We're in the Science Center.

Tuesday, 9:20 pm

Let the countdown begin. Based on data from prior years, we have reason to believe the naked donut run will take place tomorrow. (OK. It's not that scientific. Finals start on Thursday.) But still. Stake out your seat on the red blob in the basement starting now.

The Frisc may be a pretty liberal place, but it's not every day that you get a real-life pornographic showing. It's about to get very, very real.

Note: The naked donut run does pass through the Rock as well, but it's just less exciting.

Sunday, 3:21 pm

Has studying for finals driven you mad? Well, a boy in the lobby is conducting an impromptu survey: "Do you think Beyonce is slutty / promiscuous?" Now that's something I haven't considered in a while.

Saturday, 3:57 pm

Smile! You're on the Jumbotron.

The Science Center now features large flat screen televisions with a rotating loop of glamor shots. Studiers, beware. Now we can all see that you actually were on Facebook.

Saturday, 3:26 pm

And the madness sets in.