Sunday, 6:14 pm

Once upon a time, the fourth floor of the Sciences Library contained rows and rows of books, as libraries often do. Then, it underwent a transformation — no books, fluorescent lighting, vast open spaces with no furniture. Basically, it looked like an airport hangar. And then it closed.

But now, it's back, and there's a new, bold vision:

Gone are the days when a library can just be expected to provide quiet. Now it must be designated. And this new fourth floor is going to welcome silence in style.

The furniture is curvy and cushy, following the model set in the floors below. The large tables resemble those of the Science Center, though the method for cordoning them off from each other is … unique. A large butterfly-like structure occupies the center of the room — which is still vast and open. New study rooms occupy the left-hand wall though.

Perhaps the most noticeable stylistic element is the color. Rebelling against the highlighter brights of the Frisc though, Floor Four has a softer palette, with a very heavy emphasis on purple. SciLi, are you trying to tell us something?

Friday, 9:26 am

Entering the Rock has always had logistical challenges. Can you hide that full travel mug of coffee in your backpack? Can you sneak an entire meal past the watchful gatekeeper?

This week, a new set of obstacles faced Rock goers after they had trudged through the snow, uphill, for five miles, in order to reach their thesis carrels.

Naturally, we did our journalistic duty and peeked behind closed doors (or, uh, barricaded areas) to see what's up next for the Rock.

Coming soon to a guard-free entrance near you, an electronic swipe card reader that activates swinging glass doors. Importing your coffee may now be easier, but we're taking bets on how long before someone gets stuck in that subway station-esque entrance.

Tuesday, 10:52 am

With the cafe carts closed until classes resume, will we be forced to resort to importing hot water heaters and coffee makers? When combined, the frigid cold temperature of all Brown libraries and a desperate need for caffeine may create the situation that drives us all to insanity.