Saturday, 1:33 pm

Wednesday, 9:15 pm

Yeah you, you Frisc me all night long.

Wednesday, 5:01 pm

Basement bathrooms closed for repair. This can't be good.

Tuesday, 11:01 pm

What not to do in a Quiet Center study room:

The passive-aggressive "please" is a nice touch.

Tuesday, 10:30 pm

A public service announcement to readers: On no floor of the SciLi are the classrooms soundproof. I am next door, and I hear everything.

And it gets worse: Hey fifth floor: down here in the Quiet Center we know all about the calamities you faced today in housing lottery. We may wonder what would happen if walls could talk, but one thing's for sure — the vents do.

Monday, 6:35 pm

Live a cappella love song performance in the basement, directed at a girl sitting quietly in the corner. Apparently, she's the "sweetheart of Sigma Chiiiiiiiiiiiiii."

"Your glasses really complement the curves of your face."

Sunday, 1:04 pm

POST BRUNCH RUSH: At 12:45, the Science Center was overcome by silence. Two people sat working steadily in the Big Room, keeping to themselves. Within 15 minutes, the room had been flooded. Now would probably be a good time to get on the omelet line at the Ratty.

Thursday, 3:27 pm

…that short little window between the distant memory of spring break trips and the shining prospect of Spring Weekend and sunny afternoons on the Main Green.

Try to ignore the fact that the temperature finally broke 50 degrees; these next few days are what make it count. The time has come to finish every one of those I-thought-it-was-optional response papers and "final" research projects (which always seem to be due in the days before the springtime debauchery begins). Get it all in now, and you can avoid the SciLi FOREVER. Well, at least until reading week.