Sunday, 2:27 pm

Vacation is over.

Sunday Ratty brunch was as crowded and hungover as ever and the masses have now migrated up Thayer Street. It wouldn't be so disturbing if people weren't already writing chemical equations all over the study room walls.

Saturday, 2:07 pm

I commend the Frisc for the implementation of new and advanced toilet paper dispensers in the basement. With their large distance from the ground and self-refilling mechanism, the new apparatuses will go a long way toward alleviated the two-fold toilet paper problem: the floor drag and the subsequent complete absence.

Now if only there was a way multiple students could be taking advantage of such an upgrade simultaneously…

Saturday, 1:13 pm

As per usual, the first weekend of the year kicks off with a whisper. Studiers sit alone, the distractions are minimal and the loudest noise in the 25 decibels is the heating system.

Thursday, 11:04 am

The basement is nearly empty, the chairs are neatly aligned and the study rooms are immaculate. This can only mean one thing: the start of a new semester. After a long sabbatical, I have returned for more musings and theories about the space we all call home.

With students quietly emailing and frantically searching through Mocha, there are few disruptions to report on as of yet. But just you wait. As Charlie Brown once said, "All good things must end."

You stay Friscy, Brown students.