Thursday, 11:04 am

The basement is nearly empty, the chairs are neatly aligned and the study rooms are immaculate. This can only mean one thing: the start of a new semester. After a long sabbatical, I have returned for more musings and theories about the space we all call home.

With students quietly emailing and frantically searching through Mocha, there are few disruptions to report on as of yet. But just you wait. As Charlie Brown once said, "All good things must end."

You stay Friscy, Brown students.

2 Responses to “Thursday, 11:04 am”

Gene G-P said...

you know, i was as Friscy as the best of us freshman and sophomore years. but the allure finally died for me last semester.

Emmy said...

Probably because no one was keeping you updated at all times on the happenings of the study center.