Wednesday, 1:09 am

It's officially that final stretch toward break — you've suddenly realized you have two midterms, four papers and several pressing social obligations before the University bell tolls next Friday. And so as the night approaches its darkest hour, studiers pile into the Frisc and on this particular evening, the club is jumpin' jumpin'.

As such, this would be an opportune moment to discuss rules, etiquette and customs of the late-night study bender, or if you are one of the more unfortunate souls, the all-nighter:

— Comfort is key.
DO put on those moccasins and pull on a sweatshirt. In addition to the coziness it will provide, it will also prevent you from suffering the frostbite that plagues all Brown libraries.
DON'T wear high heels and a high-wasted skirt. Yes, girl-who-keeps-making-a-racket-everytime-she-walks, I am talking to you.

— Respect others.
DO remember that we're all in this together.
DON'T shush someone before 2 a.m. You can still go to the stacks.

— Caffeinate.
DO stake out the cafe cart just before closing time. If you ask really nicely, that extra coffee is all yours at the reasonable price of lukewarm, a little grind-y and FREE!
DON'T count on the vending machine. The Diet Cokes have been cleaned out for days.

— Remember that this is still a library
DO feel free to grab a little shut eye on one of the chaise lounges. We're still not sure what they're for otherwise.
DON'T snore. Too many decibels.

— Only the strong survive.
DO stake out a desk and hold onto it tight. Mark your territory.
DON'T assume anyone is here to help you. After 2 a.m., the stapler disappears from circulation, you cannot rent out headphones to block out the snoring, no one will fix the printer for you, and you better hope there's still toilet paper in the bathroom.

Good luck, and good night.

One response to “Wednesday, 1:09 am”

Seth said...

...and the mean studier was never seen again.