Sunday, 3:05 pm

Though this is arguably the only source you should ever look to for Friscobservations, a few other Web sites are worth referencing, if only for the fact that they confirm many of the theories found here.
  • "The new Friedman Study Center in the SciLi has made going to study there so social, loud and, frankly, impossible that you might as well be going to a frightening 1970s nightclub."2007 opinions column in The Brown Daily Herald
  • "I am looking at the northwest corner right now and there is enough open floorspace for a 20 person yoga class. Maybe more furniture will be coming soon. ... One of the new types of chair is rather uncomfortable. ... An area in the middle of the basement that is sectioned off with dividers made of metal slats. I like the idea of dividers but they are ugly and look like jail cell bars. Also, the entire area is poorly lit, which is too bad, because it is one of the few places in the study center with lots of chairs. ... There is still only one toilet in the bathroom."angsty blog posting, circa 2007
  • "There’s only one bathroom for each sex, so there’s always a long line. Someone’s always talking on his or her cell phone, despite the posted decibel levels. And there’s often a shortage of available computers in the clusters." —blog post about lovable libraries

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