Saturday, 4:16 pm

Ordinarily, I come to the Frisc with high hopes of productivity. When my plans are foiled by disruptive users, I am therefore compelled to document their failures.

Today, I am reluctant to admit that two of your favorite Friscapologists have actually been the source of many of the study space's disturbances. We have chosen, however, to make this into a teaching moment. Please review the egregious errors we made and in the future, we won't if you won't.
  • Speaking to each other with headphones in. Just because we can't hear each other, it doesn't mean the rest of the basement has to.
  • Commenting aloud on the emails and instant messages being sent … from two feet away from each other.
  • Laughing at said messages. To the point that chairs have nearly fallen.
  • Drinking from Ratty take out cups with no concern for the straw on plastic sound effect.
  • Violent phone vibrations. [Although for the record: we have yet to disturb the space with cell phone ringing. But we have heard a tinny hip-hop song or two.]
  • Computer charge cords stretched across an inappropriately long span. We need to be on the Internet. Deal with it.
I may have forgotten some. I'm pretty sure our neighbors have not.

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